Technology & writing….hinder or help?

Technology and writing……does it hinder or help this writer? I believe computer technology helps more than it hinders because of:

1) the spell check and editing features–but I still use a hardcover dictionary and thesaurus!

2) images and videos which easily insert into any writing piece–brings spice and variety which is sweet for the visual senses

3) using WordPress gives instant feedback on my writings–“boo, no hits or Follow for you, Lady!” or “yay, like and Subscribing to you, Lady!”

4) all the variety and easily accessible blogs I can read, enjoy, and learn from all the master writers 🙂

5) the Internet, the news and information can now be experienced and shared with many people worldwide in just a press of a button

The only hinderance I could come up with is because technology makes writing easier, I may take it for granted and forget that the Art of Writing Well comes first with a

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

prayer, then thoughtful meditation and finally, the prompt action of putting the words down on the paper or into the computer.

Thanks for the conversation…..You are Simply Charming!