Never to Old to Blog….

I will admit to you right now that I really fear getting old. I don’t know exactly when this fear surfaced and became such an issue for me but lately it has been bugging the heck out of me! Perhaps the new smile wrinkle which just showed up this morning or the (darn it…) the white hair roots that got missed in yesterday’s hair coloring excursion. Being relatively on the very thin side of the body weight scale, I have found with less of a body-fat ratio skin seems to sag quicker. Is this only in my imagination? My youngest son has recently discovered my upper arm and entertains the fact of, “Oh! how cool Mom, your arm is so jiggily!” and proceeds to every chance he gets jiggle them silly. *sigh*

Aging worries me and yes, on some days, makes me feel….. “not so good.”

BUT…..since taking up blogging with WordPress, I must admit the Post a Day challenge has made many of my not so good days become awesome days! Not only has daily writing turn my attention away from my useless narcissism but it has given me more confidence and surprisingly more energy in my life. Imagine that huh?  Bob Schultz in his book Created for Work said so wisely:

God instilled a desire within each of us to accomplish, create, invent, and build. We tend to feel good when we make increase and not so good when we can’t or don’t.

I now am inspired to follow in the footsteps of the world’s oldest blogger Olive Riley— who bless her soul– made her final blog post at the age of 108 years old. According to an article by BBC News (7/14/08) her great-grandson said blogging “kept her mind fresh.”

Olive Riley posted more than 70 entries on her blog -- or "blob" as she jokingly called it -- since February 2007 (Image via CNN World Wikipedia)

I may be old but I still can see and read all your precious conversations… to hear what you have to say….. 😉


12 thoughts on “Never to Old to Blog….

    • Sunshine says:

      Hello William, Thanks for the Like.….I just did a sight seeing tour of your ciderpress….I love your born young and haven’t aged much since theme. I am still meditating on your fave quote….hummm, my mind is like a crock pot in that it has to take all day to get done processing. :)) Oh, and great graphics too! I am happy to meet you.


  1. aawwa says:

    A nice blog 🙂 I have found that writing my blog has helped me feel more confident. My partner says my writing is more assertive than my conversation. I think it is helping me to grow as I come to understand myself better through my writing and reflection. Also it give my mind something else to think about – I am always wondering about good topics to write about.



    • Sunshine says:

      You are so right Lorraine about giving the mind something to focus on in order to create rather than stagnant. Thank you for taking the time and the kind
      compliment….much appreciated!


  2. Maggie L R says:

    I started blogging in the spring when we set out on a four month journey across the North American continent, well I am addicted,. Now we are home I have had to change my bloffing focus but it does keep me thinking and that is the goal. I kije what you have to say. I think getting old is more a state of mind as long as we keep moving and thinking, I recently retired and want to stay active and fit so that I can be blogging at 108.
    maggie http://www.maggielr,com


    • Sunshine says:

      It is baffling at times how the mind seems to process on its own time (please, take all the time you need brain!) while the body seems to
      throws its hands up in the air and proceeds to deteriorate. Gee whiz!
      Thanks Connie


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