Grandpa’s fish….

Raw fish…….what used to be Willy Wonka scrumdiddlyumptious, is now simply disgusting.

What can I say except my family consumes dead uncooked fish dressed up as delicate treat morsels usually accompanied with wasabi (super hot horseradish!) and rice. to enjoy a plate full of parasites? Image via Wikimedia commons

Yes, I admit I did enjoy partaking in this tradition but after reading about you know….parasites and the creepy bacteria that hang out with the dead fish, I am now raising both my hands up in protest!

Okay, it was okay for Grandpa to eat this stuff because his supermarket was the ocean if you know what I mean….

Yummy! My dead fish catch of the via Wikimedia Commons

Today the supermarkets, at least here in my hometown, are stocked full of a variety of foods so I am delighted I have the choice to skip the raw fish delicacy. Of course, I realize with any food we eat it could be filled with things that could make one sick such as the example of the recent outbreak of illness from eating cantaloupes grown on a farm in Colorado.

So, I am throwing my hands up now and shouting…. so what’s a person to do?? I do know that eating raw fish could be harmful and yes, only affect a small proportion of the population but why expose myself needlessly? Look at this poor fellow who is modeling the symptoms of raw fish infection:

BooHoo...I got all the symptoms of Raw Fish infection...via Wikimedia commons

Sorry Grandpa, but I am going to bury the family tradition of eating raw fish at least in my family because the time has come to let some dead things rest in peace.

Love to hear about any raw food(s) that leave you squeamish…..just a perfect conversation to go with the upcoming Halloween holiday!