My 5 Writing Fears…..

Get writing or else! Image via Wikimedia Common

5 things I am afraid to write about are :

1. Very personal heartbreaking events in my life

2. Writing under my real name

3. Telling my friends/family that I write (blog) in fear of what they may think of me and my writing….

4. Current political or social events I lack knowledge on

5. Technical or very long research papers.

So, now you know some of my writing fears. Humm, perhaps it’s time to face reality and deal with each of these fears. :0  What do you think? Hey, do you have any fears you can’t write about? If so, how are you resolving them? I could sure use any tips and or motivation tricks…please feel free to share.

9 thoughts on “My 5 Writing Fears…..

  1. aawwa says:

    I can relate to your fears. My biggest fear is offending friends or family by saying something about them that offends. I would never intend to hurt someone but words can be misinterpreted at times.

    I love the old books at the top of your page 🙂



    • Sunshine says:

      That is true about words being misinterpreted and I hope that if someone I know is offended they would please bring it to my attention.
      Of course, it could happen a person may think you are writing about them when in actuality it has nothing to do with them. (oops…. )
      Thanks about the books…you can find them sitting over at Wikimedia 😉
      Enjoyed your visit!


  2. Sorren Galiza says:

    Re: Your No. 3 / Family

    In my family I’m the only who is passionate about blogging but every time I write something I love to share, I grab my sibling and forced her to read the post. 😀

    I talk a lot so it doesn’t really make sense that my family who never judge me cruelly to read it. 😉


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