There are two freedoms – the false, where a man is free to do what he likes; the true, where he is free to do what he ought. ~Charles Kingsley

This is an interesting quote that I can totally relate to in the area of financial freedom. I recently completed a course given by Dave Ramsey called Financial Peace University. Now Dave Ramsey is one heck of a sales rep. He walks into your life, looks dead straight into your mountain of crap (debt) and has you, in no time, cleaning up your crap (in baby steps) that you made all by your self. Oh my! 😮 In class you learn (with smooth talking, smiling Dave) that your needs are very different from your wants. As with most of us, our mountain of crap usually meant we allowed some false friends to influence our spending habits. You know these friends as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and all the other pals running around so loosely in your life.  Don’t worry my friend because, by the end of the course, Dave has you kicking them right out of your life.

Since the departure of all your crazy friends, you are now left with a list of what YOU thought YOU OWNED which made YOU think YOU had happiness and freedom but it was your credit card friends who OWNED all your stuff and YOU were really living a life of a slave.

Image via The Grand Rapids Press

Say what??? A slave you say?? Look at what your~ahem, so-called friends helped you to buy:

  • NEW car…. with your Visa friend
  • NEW latest fashions…. only with your MasterCard friend baby…
  • NEW home interior decor….with the divine American Express friend
  • Let’s not forget……dining out (both fast and not-so-fast places) I think Visa picked up this tab…
  • ALL the latest X-Box or computer contraptions….large tab so split between all your friends…..

The use of the credit card gives us the false freedom in that it makes us believe we can do as we like even if financially we can’t afford it. By eliminating the use the credit card, we can truly achieve freedom in that debt no longer controls our lives but rather we have total control now. The new freedom badge reads: If have no cash to buy IT,  learn to either save for IT or *ouch, do without IT!

Good bye to all our fair weathered friends……

we are flying….

          “free to do what we he ought”.……

Thank you Mr. Dave Ramsey for the financial lessons that has set me free to live debt free and encouraged me to teach others the same principles so we can go on to live in true freedom by becoming generous givers.