Should everything be done in moderation?

When one practices moderation in key areas such as our actions, desires and thoughts, perhaps true happiness and peace is attainable in one’s life.  For example, if we take any actions such as drinking alcoholic drinks or eating to an immoderate level, it can only lead to destruction of our health. Nothing is sadder than the abuse we inflict to our health when control is not monitored.

photo via Wikimedia Commons

As we know, unchecked desires can lead to well…..I am sure you don’t need me to tell you how unhealthy unchecked desires are. Last, our thoughts….what we think about and how much we think about whatever we are thinking about really determines the life we create for ourselves.

As a side note, here is an image example of a device that actually teaches moderation and its importance. Maybe we should add one in every school….what do you think?

Teach your students moderation...the cup inclines when it's empty. When you pour water into it, it goes upright. If you pour more water, it became inclined again.-WikimediaCommon