Ahhhh, I smell VicksVapoRub….



Just recently on one of the more popular morning radio shows, the topic the DJ’s dealt with was Vicks VapoRumRub.  (Oh, you were thinking rum  too?!?)

Anyway, get in focus and listen to some of the uses people had with their love for Vicks VapoRub.  By the way, for those who don’t know me,  I love using Vicks! I use it everyday/night either around my nose or if suffering from a chest cold, nothing works better than a generous dose  rubbed to chest and throat area and wrapped with a soft scarf. Ahhhhh, so soothing!

Anyway again…here are some interesting things about Vicks Vapo Rub:

Did you know……

  • If you are coughing (hack, hack), before you retire for the night, rub some Vicks on bottom of your feet, put some soft socks on and by the next morning your cough should subside.  (Personally I have not tried this yet but, if you have, let me know if this works!)
  • What? You suffer from nail fungus? Well, it’s been said if you rub Vicks on that icky thing, you will find the icky gone. It, however, would take more than one application. Sorry, I didn’t hear how many applications you would need.
  • A person actually put Vicks in both her ears, nostrils and of course, chest and throat area every time she suffered from nose and chest congestion. In her EARS! I didn’t think you could do it, but she does and then covers herself (head and all) with a blanket and sleeps like a warm baby! The next day finds her rested and ready to tackle a new day!  (Let me know if this works will ya!)
  • Pet problems? Fix it with Vicks! Cats will not scratch if they smell the aroma. It is best to leave an open bottle around areas you want to repel your pet from using the area as a restroom.

(I don’t know, my cat likes playing with my Vicks bottle; I have seen her trying to lick the sides on occasions!

I love VicksVapo Rub

                      Well, Vicks Kitty and I look forward to hearing other interesting ways you incorporate Vicks into you life!
                       Happy vapors!



2 thoughts on “Ahhhh, I smell VicksVapoRub….

  1. hugmamma says:

    Very interesting. I rub Vicks under my nose and on my chest, shoulders and upper back when I get a cold or the flu. My mother did it for me, and I’ve done it for my daughter. Now she does it for herself. It’s become a family tradition, you might say. But I’d not heard about all the other uses of Vicks.

    …what won’t people think of… 😉


    • Sunshine says:

      Oh hi hugmamma! I am guessing my blog is not a phantom blog site after all? YaY!!
      My mother also started the Vicks tradition with us and I am still passing it on!
      I am so glad you could see my URL! :))


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